Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Should I go??

Recently, I received an offer to join Ataturk University Summer Program at Turkey.

Info about the programme.

It will be held in between July 5 -18, 2009. Program will include some courses such as Turkish language, history, economy and culture, natural and historical sightseeings and cultural activities.

Ataturk University will have the students from the Airport in Erzurum when coming, take care of them for two weeks and leave at the airport when going.

This means that Ataturk University will provide all accommodation in Erzurum and the students will pay his own travel cost to Erzurum and back home.


Should I go??
Since I dun have enough money to buy the air tickets..

1 comment:

  1. My decision:

    After think carefully, I would not accept the offer..

    I am more prefer if can go with you, my dear.
    I believe we can go together next time..after our 2nd trip..

    Suh Wen