Tuesday, 20 April 2010

MUay THai ❤❤❤泰皇杯 2009

MUay THai ❤❤❤泰皇杯 2009 [HQ]

This is my 1st time watch Muay Thai!

At 'VIP' sit,i can watch clearly their performances in the stage! It is really a astonishing sports!

WPMF Kings Birthday Muay Thai Championship
(The highest rank Muay Thai Campionship in the world)
WMC and S1 tournament

Location : Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 4-12-2009,8pm till 5-12-2009, 3am

2009年12月4日, 8pm 打到12月5日的零晨 3am , 共有 28場比賽,由 Thai-TV5 廣播全球超過 180個國家。

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